Louisiana Debt Negotiation Attorney

A Louisiana debt negotiation attorney can help you resolve your debt with your creditors. Often, a settlement can be reached because creditors are willing to take less than full balance to resolve a past due account. Some creditors are even willing to remove the negative reporting from the credit report for a settlement. Let our experience guide you through the debt settlement process.

We are not a debt consolidation company.

The Law Office of Jonathan M. Williams

  • Does not take a percentage of any savings. We quote you upfront our legal fees. We allow a monthly payment plan for us.
  • We take ALL creditor phone calls. Once hired debt collectors and creditors are not allowed to speak to you.
  • We represent you.
  • We work with all creditors.

Our Process

To begin we review your credit report or list of creditors. We will put in writing our fees, anticipated time frame, and anticipated settlement amount for you to review. If you approve our quote then we will begin contacting your creditors. Once our power of attorney is on file with them, they can no longer contact you directly. Your creditors contact us only. Within the first communication, we are asking for them to verify balances and see their records that prove the amount they claim is due. Sometimes we can discover violations that allow you to have a stronger position in negotiation.  We begin negotiations with them using your current hardship information. Once a settlement amount has been reached (with your approval), you make payments directly to the creditor. We help you settle with your creditors based on your budget constraints.

How to Hire Us

Fill out the form to the right to give us more information about your scenario. We will contact you shortly with a quote for your review.

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