Medical Debt Collection Problems on Louisiana Credit Reports

Medical debt colletion problems affect most Louisiana consumers at some point during their life. Even the simplest procedures can result in a plethora of medical bills being sent to insurance companies for review and payment. Sometimes medical debts that should have been paid by insurance get rejected for a multitude of reasons. But at the end of the day, you are ultimately responsible for your medical debts with or without medical insurance.

There are some small safeguards put in place for Louisiana residents. Medical bills cannot be placed on a credit report until 6 months after the treatment. This gives you time to clear up as many medical bills that you are aware of. Medical debts must be removed from your credit report once your insurance company pays them.

While the above provisions can help you avoid the negative credit reporting effects of medical collection problems, they do not stop all medical debt collections from appearing on your credit report. Medical bills seem to come from nowhere. Often they come from outside facilities such as lab tests, the specialist that you consulted with briefly, anesthesiology, and radiology.
Auto accidents and personal injury cases often created many medical bills. While your attorney will try to find doctors that will delay payment until after a personal injury settlement has been paid, it is not always possible.

We understand life happens. We will work with you to find the best solution to help you put your medical debts behind you and minimize the impact to your credit score.

Medical Debt Collectors

  • Account Control Bureau
  • Action Revenue Recovery
  • Commonwealth Financial
  • CMRE Financial Services
  • E.A. Uffman and Associates, Inc
  • Lake Area Collections
  • Louisiana Recovery Services (LRS)
  • Medical Payment Data
  • Receivable Recovery Services
  • Transworld Systems Inc